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pic_1How Home Improvements Improved our Clients’ Lives

Having workmen in your home can become a nightmare if you can’t rely on them to show up at the appointed time, do the quality of work you expect, or care about your challenges or satisfaction.

When you trust The Acton Handyman with your ‘honey do’ list and remodeling projects—as the clients below did—you can enjoy a well-maintained, worry-free, beautiful home… and have more free time to do the things you enjoy most in life.

Homeowners call The Acton Handyman time and again because he connects with their interests and concerns, and more often than not exceeds their expectations of the quality that can be achieved within their budget.



Who Do You Call When Your Contractor Abandons the Job?

While undertaking a significant home renovation and expansion, Alice and Ken became frustrated calling daily to find out when to expect the workmen, getting poor response when they pointed out poor workmanship. Then the General Contractor, after taking and advance for the next phase of the job, never came back to finish the master bath – explaining that Alice and Ken were “just too particular”.  On a neighbor’s recommendation, Alice and Ken engaged  The Action Handyman, who worked with the architect’s drawings to complete the plan; added a few “touch of class” accents; and helped source special-order items such as the whirlpool tub with chromatographic lighting at 30% off retail. The custom-inlaid tile work, lighted make-up mirror, built-in corner cabinet, heated floor, remote controlled blinds, large shower with bench, crown molding and extra towel bars completed the oasis they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Most important was the relief that Alice and Ken felt almost immediately – that they’d found a contractor they could rely on to show up as promised, to provide excellent workmanship, and to complete a quality job in a money-saving manner.

First-Time Mother’s Concerns Resolved

When the time came to transition her newborn from the first-floor master bedroom to the nursery on her home’s second level, this first-time new mother, Frances, felt “upstairs and around the corner” was just too far away – causing an additional strain on her husband Patrick, who was already feeling strain enough.

While finishing the build-out of the nursery, The Acton Handyman heard about these concerns.  He worked with Frances and Patrick’s architect to create a closer connection between the nursery and master bedroom by installing a spiral staircase in an underutilized corner of the master bedroom.  He installed a door at the landing at the top of the staircase to limit the middle-of-the-night light streaming into the dark master and to add privacy and security when needed.

Frances and Patrick were relieved. The transition to the nursery went without incident. Peace returned to the household. When the child grew into another bedroom, the nursery became an office where Frances or Patrick could complete a late-night project without waking anyone in the house.

The family was pleased to have someone like The Action Handyman who sincerely understood their challenges, and had the skills and experience to create solutions for the changing nature of their family’s needs.

Small Jobs Create A Beautiful Haven – Decorative Accents Inside and Out

This full-time working mother, Tricia, was redecorating her dining room. She had worked with a designer to come up with ideas, as well as local retailer to make her custom draperies. Tricia called The Acton Handyman to hang her drapers. While he was at her home, she mentioned that she also needed shelving installed for her decorative plates. The Acton Handyman noted that other rooms in the home had crown molding, but not the dining room.  Together, they came up with a creative solution that this busy mom did not have the time to envision otherwise.

A week later, Tricia called The Acton Handyman with another opportunity for creativity. As an avid gardener, Tricia wanted more than just the average entryways though her picket fence in the backyard. Together, they designed arbor-way entrances that are both functional and beautiful.

Tricia deeply desired a well-maintained, worry-free, beautiful home. She and her husbend Rick both worked full-time and envisioned their home as their haven – a place where they could retreat after work and truly enjoy themselves. They were pleased to have someone like The Acton Handyman with whom they could collaborate to create the home of their dreams with high quality workmanship at a reasonable cost.

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